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About Us

About Barsol Pisco 

The name BarSol is inspired by the mission and commitment to bring to every BAR in the world the finest Pisco produced under the SOL of Ica, one glass at a time. Hence, “BarSol Pisco”.

Founded by Diego Loret de Mola and Carlos Ferreyros, BarSol adheres to the traditional Pisco pot distillation method practiced in Peru since the 1500’s. Distilled and bottled in Bodega San Isidro, a century old distillery, BarSol is produced from fresh wines fermented exclusively from Pisco grapes harvested in the Southern Valley of Ica.

We make BarSol Pisco by hand, one small batch at a time!

- Diego Loret De Mola, Founder and Master Distiller

Our Process

The Grapes

Pisco can only be made from 8 specific grape varietals which are classified as Aromatic and Less Aromatic.

BarSol specializes in Pisco made from the Aromatic Italia, Torontel and Moscatel grapes as well as from the Less Aromatic Quebranta grape.

All of our grapes are grown in the Southern Valley of Ica, Peru.

The Crush

Our grapes are harvested upon full ripeness when they have achieved the right amount of sugar Brix content (~23.5 – 26). Our careful staff hand selects the grapes which are fed into the de-stemmer that will gently separate the grapes from the cluster, removing the stems without bruising the integrity of the grape, minimizing the release of tannic acid.

The Maceration

The loose grapes and the juice released in the de-stemming process are collected and pumped to maceration tanks for a 24 hour period. The skins float and separate from the juice which is pumped to fermentation tanks. The remaining skins are then pumped to pneumatic presses for final juicing. The pomace (dry skins and seeds) is then removed and delivered to a compost plant.


Fermentation starts from the moment the grapes are crushed and the juice is released. Our fermentation is all natural, in other words, only the native yeast found on the skins of the grape is the only element which triggers the process. No other ingredients are allowed in this procedure. Natural full fermentation normally takes from 10 to 20 days on average, depending on the amount of sugar and juice in the grapes, as well as the oscillation of the atmospheric temperature.

Through this natural process, the sugar content in the grape is transformed into alcohol. Depending on the initial sugar content in the grapes, the final alcoholic content in the resulting freshly fermented musts (wine), ranges between 11% and 14%. The lees are removed from the freshly fermented musts (wine) before distillation. 


Our distilling process starts when the Master Distiller carefully selects the freshly fermented musts that are ready to be transferred into the copper pot still. This is where the “magic” happens!

In a single distillation, heat is applied to the pot still in order to bring the freshly fermented must to a boil and start the evaporation process. As the wine evaporates, the vapor released is conducted through an onion head ‘capitel’ (aka helmet) and through the ‘swan’s neck’ into a condenser where the vapor turns back into a liquid. We cut and remove the “head” and “tails”, and keep the best part, the “heart cut”, which will become BarSol’s exquisite Pisco after resting a minimum of 12 months.

Barsol Pisco Classification 

We produce several varietals of Pisco adhering to the 3 official classification types regulated by the government of Peru.

Puro: From fully fermented musts. We specialize in Quebranta, Italia, Torontel and Moscatel. Abv 41.3%
Mosto Verde
: “Green Must Pisco”, from partially fermented musts. We specialize in Quebranta, Italia, and Torontel. Abv 41.8%
: “Blend”, we produce an acholado of a blend of 3 Pisco Puro varietals: Quebranta (~70%), Italia (~20%) and Torontel (~10%) Abv 41.3%.

The Final Process

Our BarSol Pisco is hand filled, bottled and packaged, culminating this craft process that makes BarSol a special recognized award-winning precious liquid diamond for you to enjoy.

Made from the single distillation of pure grape wine and distilled to proof, without any additives, aging, flavoring or dilution, it is one of the most natural spirits on Earth.


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