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Peru’s second largest export brand, BarSol Pisco, becomes Anchor Distilling Company’s newest import

(August 29, 2012, San Francisco) – Since its introduction during the gold rush, pisco has been a favorite among San Francisco’s bartenders and consumers. In the 1870’s, The Bank Exchange saloon served the first Pisco Punch, invented by Duncan Nicol, which quickly became the most popular drink in San Francisco (according to The Barbary Coast by Herbert Asbury).  

Currently, within the US, pisco is arguably one of the fastest growing spirit categories.  Thus, with its continued growth and rich history, San Francisco-based distiller and importer, Anchor Distilling Company, known for its comprehensive craft spirits portfolio, became a fitting choice to drive the United States distribution for Peru’s premium craft pisco, BarSol. Diego Loret de Mola, the brand’s founder, is looking to double its US distribution in the next three years.
"Over the last 10 years we have been looking for the right partner, who clearly understands not only the challenges of building a brand from the ground up utilizing a grassroots approach, but is also sensitive about the needs of a supplier with regards to environmental responsibility, production plans, costs and cash flow. Like BarSol, Anchor Distilling Co. has not only an experienced and talented team, but is also a proficient and sensible fine spirits distiller. We feel Anchor Distilling is the perfect partner to represent BarSol, given our common objectives and synergies, and we are extremely excited about this new venture."

Anchor Distilling’s president, David King, notes, “Anchor Distilling is committed to sourcing the finest examples of artisanal spirits from around the world and we are delighted to be working with the BarSol range of piscos. The product quality and presentation of the brand has, in my opinion, raised the bar for the whole category.”

BarSol Pisco was conceived by Diego Loret De Mola and Carlos Ferreyros with the help and support of the Mendiola family, who claim more than three generations of pisco making from the very same estate where BarSol is produced today, Bodega San Isidro. This historic facility founded at the end of the 19th century is located in the southern extremes of the Ica Valley's pisco grape growing region, next to the ancient Caserio de Yajasi, dating back to the days of the Incas.

BarSol is a recognized award-winning Peruvian pisco brand produced to the highest CONAPISCO (National Commission of Pisco) quality standards possible in order to produce the finest piscos available. The pride of the brand is the century-old, original estate-owned copper pot alembic stills that are used to distill all of BarSol’s piscos.  Made from the first distillation of pure grape young wine and distilled to 80 proof, without additives, aging, flavoring or dilution, it is one of the most natural spirits on Earth.

Anchor Distilling is proud to be importing the following BarSol products:

Primero | Quebranta
Distilled and bottled in one of the oldest distilleries in the Ica Valley, BarSol Primero Quebranta is produced from the wine resulting from the first pressing of 100% Quebranta grapes from the Ica Valley. Highly awarded for its superior taste, BarSol Primero boasts subtle aromas of pear and ripe fruit balanced with delicate citrus notes that evolve into seductively long and elegant finish.  
40% alc/vol.

Selecto | Italia
BarSol Selecto Italia is an artisanal pisco, 100% distilled from the best selection of Italia grapes from the Valley of Ica. The Italia grape is also a favorite among consumers of table grapes for its floral taste and sweetness, especially the ones from the Ica Valley.  Therefore, BarSol Selecto Italia, is highly aromatic with hints of honey suckle and lighter notes of rose petals, as well as tropical fruits such as melon and ripe pineapple. On the palate, those notes are intensified with citrus hints with a structured and elegant finish.  
40% alc/vol.

Selecto | Acholado
BarSol Selecto Acholado is a result from the blend of piscos distilled from the best selection of the three pisco grape varietals of the region of Ica: Quebranta, Italia and Torontel. Because of its superb quality, BarSol Selecto Acholado has received many awards in multiple competitions in Peru and around the world, due to its harmony, balance and brilliancy. On the nose it presents aromas of ripe fruit with light floral notes, intensifying on the palate and complimented with hints of spices and pecans. It ends with a soft and delicate finish.
40% alc/vol.

Supremo | Mosto Verde Italia
BarSol Supremo Mosto Verde Italia is the magnum opus of an artisanal pisco distilled from the partial fermentation of the best selection of Italia grapes from the Valley of Ica.  It is a symphony of aromas and fragrances of ripe wild fruit mixed with pears and citrus fruit. It has a delicate and refined texture, and is exquisitely soft and seductive, and unquestionably elegant.
41.5% alc/vol. 

Peru’s premium pisco, BarSol can be found in all major markets and specifically at New York’s Pio Pio Restaurant and Employees Only, California’s La Mar and Alembic Bar, and Chicago’s Tavernita and Omni Ambassador. For more information on distribution of BarSol Pisco, please visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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